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Your Home Bar Budget Bottle Essentials

So you want to build a bar at home? This sentiment has been shared by many individuals that have come before you and there will be many more after you as well. So the good news is that you are not alone in your desires! Be that as it may, as daunting as it appears, you will be making cocktails like the bartenders at Dante in no time (strong emphasis, however, on the “like”). Some of the questions you have currently might be something like the following: What alcohol do I need for a home bar? What bar tools do I need? What cocktails will I be able to make with my home bar? This is a simple and straightforward...

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About Amehla Co.

This is how we started:  In 2014, Went to buy a mixing glass on amazon Cheapest option was $35 "WTF!" We wanted to change that. So we started making and bravely shipping glassware and other bar tools at a more reasonable price tag.  Here at Amehla Co., we have had a passion for the craft of mixology for quite some time. For each of us, it began with a drink. Perhaps it was something as simple as a Gin & Tonic, maybe it was a popular trendy drink such as a Moscow Mule, or perhaps it was a long-time traditional classic like an Old Fashion. Soon after, it changed from just enjoying these drinks to attempting to create them for...

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