About Amehla Co.

This is how we started: 

In 2014,

  • Went to buy a mixing glass on amazon
  • Cheapest option was $35
  • "WTF!"

We wanted to change that. So we started making and bravely shipping glassware and other bar tools at a more reasonable price tag. 

Here at Amehla Co., we have had a passion for the craft of mixology for quite some time. For each of us, it began with a drink. Perhaps it was something as simple as a Gin & Tonic, maybe it was a popular trendy drink such as a Moscow Mule, or perhaps it was a long-time traditional classic like an Old Fashion. Soon after, it changed from just enjoying these drinks to attempting to create them for ourselves. This is when the journey started to discover the proper bar tools that would assist in consistently creating perfect craft cocktails. That is when we made the decision to craft these essential bar tools ourselves and launch our own line of barware.

Since then we here at Amehla Co. have been dedicated to providing high-quality glassware, bar tools, and accessories. Our guarantee is that our ever-expanding line of barware will maximally enhance your cocktail experiences. Whether you are a seasoned professional bartender or an enthusiast practicing at home, our bar tools and barware are the perfect choice for you.
We want to assist you in the crafting process. We want to do this in two ways. First, by providing great quality bar tools that we can stand behind. Secondly, by providing these bar tools at a more affordable than what is currently available on the market. All without sacrificing the quality of the barware.
It does not matter whether you are mixing twenty plus handcrafted cocktails an hour at a high volume speakeasy or if you are just mixing yourself a stiff cocktail after a long day at work, we want to be apart of the joy that a well-crafted cocktail can bring.
We stand by the quality of each of our bar tools and cocktail glassware and we believe that they will enhance your cocktail experience and assist in refining your abilities as a mixologist. In turn, this will ultimately lead to better-tasting craft cocktails for you, your friends and family, and your valued patrons.