About Us | AMEHLA

At Amehla Co., we are passionate about mixology and creating the perfect craft cocktail experience. Our journey began with a simple drink, and soon we were dedicated to crafting the perfect bar tools and launching our own line of barware. Our goal is to enhance your cocktail experience with high-quality glassware, bar tools, and accessories that cater to both seasoned professional bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts.

Our expanding line of barware is crafted with care and designed to maximize your cocktail experience without breaking the bank. Whether you're mixing drinks in a high-volume speakeasy or creating a stiff drink after a long day at work, we want to help you enjoy the joy that a well-crafted cocktail can bring.

We stand by the quality of each of our bar tools and cocktail glassware and are committed to providing affordable barware without sacrificing quality. We believe that our bar tools will refine your abilities as a mixologist and ultimately lead to better-tasting craft cocktails for you, your friends and family, and your valued patrons. Let us help you craft the perfect cocktail experience with our high-quality and affordable bar tools and accessories.