Four pack of Amehla Co. Gold Rimmed Highball Collins Glass
Amehla Co. Gold Rimmed Highball Glasses
Mojito in an amehla co. gold rimmed highball collins glass. Photo by
Amehla Co. Gold Rimmed highball collins glass
raspberry mojito in an Amehla Co. Gold Rimmed Highball Collins Glass

Amehla Co.

Gold Rimmed Highball Collins Glass

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  • GUARANTEED QUALITY & CRAFTSMANSHIP | Amehla Co. is dedicated to providing highest quality glassware/drinkware for the best possible value. That includes these beautiful gold rim collins highball glasses. We are cocktail enthusiasts too. Because of that, we encourage you to inspect your highball glass cocktail set upon arrival and if there are any noticeable imperfections please feel free to reach out to us to exchange them. We want your mixology cocktail experience to be awesome.
  • RECOMMENDED USE: These tall highball glasses are awesome multipurpose glasses for your home bar. From water, soda, juice, iced tea or coffee these glasses are perfect. There is a massive collection of cocktail recipes for these high ball glasses can be used. Here are some of our favorite cocktail recipes: whiskey highball, dark and Stormy, Paloma, Americano can all be served in these classy gold rimmed tall glasses .
  • SPECS: Our gold rimmed collins highball glass cups were intentionally designed for mixology enthusiasts in mind. These collins highball cocktail glasses are heavy bar glasses and have a 12 ounce capacity, 2.5" wide at opening and bottom, and 5.5" tall. Recommend 1-inch x 4-inch ice cubes
  • PERFECTLY ELEGANT: let the rim of these glassware tumbler cups impress all of you and all your guests. this lead-free glass cup set is a brilliant addition to your home bar cart or kitchen set . Let these lovely gold rimmed cocktail glasses be the next and best addition of tumblers to your cocktail set up.
  • HIGHLY DURABLE & VERSATILE: Due to heavy weight of these highball drinking glasses, they are incredibly durable and meant to stand the test of time. Although they make a beautiful cocktail glass, they are also perfect for all occasions. if you're drinking Iced tea or coffee, juice, water, or soda reach for these gold rimmed tumbler glasses.

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