Amehla Co. Absinthe Set that includes two spout fountain, two absinthe spoons, and two absinthe glasses with one ounce reservoir..
Absinthe Glasses that are included in our absinthe set.
Absinthe Fountain Set
Absinthe Fountain Set

Amehla Co.

Absinthe Fountain Set

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  • Grab a goblet and enjoy your absinthe the traditional way! Just like the French in the 1800s
  • Rest absinthe spoon (2 spoons) on Pontarlier absinthe glass (2 glasses) add sugar cubes and drip.
  • Pour absinthe into glass set. Place sugar cubes on absinthe spoon, Begin dripping to dilute to taste
  • Use traditional absinthe fountain (1x) as a water dripper and drip over the spoon & Absinthe glasses set
  • Dilute to your liking into the absinthe glass set. This set of glasses is dishwasher safe.

Invite the little green fairy over for some absinthe and enjoy it the traditional way. This absinthe set includes one bubble absinthe fountain, two stainless steel sugar spoons, and two authentic reservoir Pontarlier absinthe glass. How do you drink absinthe? The traditional way to go about preparing your absinthe is to first fill the absinthe fountain with cold water. Next, pour 1 ounce or 30 ml of absinthe in the Pontarlier glass which will fill the reservoir at the bottom of the absinthe glassware. After that, place the stainless steel sugar spoon on top of the absinthe glass. Place one sugar cube on the spoon and open up the dripper. As the water begins to drip it will melt the sugar cube and dilute the absinthe within the glass. it suggested to drip six parts water to one part absinthe but you can dilute to your liking. Congratulation, you have now partaken in the most traditional way of consuming absinthe. A tradition that dates as far back to the early 1800s. Absinthe distillation varies widely. By definition, Absinthe is derived from botanicals, namely the leaves and flowers, of Artemisia ABSINTHium ("grand wormwood"). Other common additives are green anise, sweet fennel, and a distillers choice blend of medicinal and culinary herbs. It is said that Vincent van Gogh was an avid absinthe drinker. Starry Night seems like it could have used some psychoactive encouragement. So go likewise and enjoy a drip with the best. Cheers!


*Please note, the 4 spout set does not include glasses

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