Original yarai cocktail mixing glass from amehla co.
Original yarai cocktail mixing glass from amehla co. about to pour cocktail into an old fashioned glass.
Original yarai cocktail mixing glass from amehla co. pouring cocktail into an old fashioned rocks glass
Original yarai cocktail mixing glass from amehla co. being used to stir down a cocktail.
Amehla Co. 3 pack of their original yarai mixing glasses.
Original Cocktail Mixing Glass

Amehla Co.

Original Cocktail Mixing Glass

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  • Industry-standard width compatible with any julep or hawthorne bar strainer
  • Mixing Pitcher for All Stirred Cocktails

  • Minimize dilution to your spirit-forward cocktails by stirring instead of shaking your drinks. 
  • This craft cocktail mixing glass features an awesome yarai Japanese diamond-cut pattern that looks just stunning, a weighted heavy base, and thick 1/4" walls. 
  • Mixing glasses are an alternative to the cocktail shaker. The difference is dilution. A mixing glass better controls the dilution of your cocktails.
  • What Cocktails should be stirred and not shaken? Traditional cocktails like the Old Fashioned, The Manhattan, Dry Martini, and the Negroni. Just to name a few.
  • Capacity : 500 ml | 17 oz
  • 17-ounce, 2 Drink Capacity

  • Dimensions : 3.5 x 4.2 x 5.4 in

  • Weight 1.7 lbs

Basic barware and bar tools cant be discussed without talking about a mixing glass. And none are more iconic than this Japanese Diamond design. Enough with the cheap cocktail set, start a real bartending set with professional bar tools today.

The mixing glass is enjoying a comeback in modern mixology. Dilution of drinks like a Manhattan or Old Fashioned is the surest way to decrease the quality of your craft cocktail. That's why, in a spirit or liquor forward drink, stirring a cocktail is the best way to preserve the aroma of that delicious bourbon or whiskey your showcasing and measured out perfectly in your jigger. Shaking with so many small ice cubes waters down the drink much more than stirring with a bar spoon and mixing pitcher. A viciously fast stir is best to chill cocktails without dilution. And for that fast stir, a heavy mixing glass allowing leverage is key. Our sturdy bar accessories mixer pitcher helps you do just that. We recommend our 18” long bar spoon for most efficient and effective stirs. The thick, workhorse of the industry. Barware and cocktailery tools aren't all created equal. Your bar accessories affect your drinks - so choose wisely - We promise a quality product and if you're not happy we'll replace or refund you. Stir away, friends. Cheers

- How to Use -
Simply add ice, spirits, bitters, and stir. (find the balance between larger cubes for low dilution, but not too large to hinder stirring) Stir until the outside of the glass becomes cold and starts frosting. Strain, use a strainer and pour into one of our Nick & Nora cocktail glasses

What cocktails should be stirred? Common cocktails that call to be stirred instead of shaken: Negroni, Manhattan, Dry Martini, Old fashioned.

Finally, this centuries-old workhorse of the bartending industry is hailing as savior amidst cheap modern mixology sets. Ditch the flimsy shaker and cheap bartender kit with the floppy ice tongs and tarnished metals - and come back to cocktailery's pre-prohibition roots and fix a proper drink for your guests.




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