Amehla Co. Tiki Scorpion Bowl
Amehla Co. Tiki Scorpion Bowl
Amehla Co. Tiki Scorpion Bowl. Now Available on Amazon and at

Amehla Co.

Amehla Scorpion Bowl, 32-ounce Fishbowl

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  • The communally enjoyed Scorpion Bowl is rumored to have been created by the OG tiki master himself, Trader Vic. Recipes vary but usually consist of Rum, occasionally gin and brandy; Demerara or other simple syrup, Orgeat, freshly squeezed lime, and orange juices, or POG (Passion, Orange, Guava) juice. Garnish with florals, and lime and orange slices or wedges, and bamboo or other long straws.
  • HANDMADE, constructed of ultra-white high-quality ceramic. Hand-painted and glazed with a wahine tiki 💃dancer and Hawaiian palm tree 🌴floral designs. Holds 32-ounces and a volcano center to float.
  • DRINKING as a TEAM SPORT: An ALL-in-ONE shareable handmade tiki glass punch bowl to enjoy with friends. Add some bamboo straws and you're set. A cornerstone of any tiki bar, an alternative to traditional tiki glasses, the fishbowl is made to share. Or pound it yourself, brah.
  • TIP: Instead of floating and lighting a high proof rum, like 151, try soaking a cruton in pure lemon extract for longer-lasting fire in the flaming volcano bowl centerpiece.