Cocktail Chronicles 002: The Martinez

For this installment of our new weekly series, 'Cocktail Chronicles,' we wanted to showcase a cocktail that has inspired us. As a result, we have chosen to showcase the Martinez.

Martinez cocktail recipe, Amehla x All.Equal.Parts

Some derive the origins of this cocktail from the Dry Martini. Others, derive it from the Manhattan. We like to think that the Dry Martini and the Manhattan had a love child and what resulted was a wonderful gift -- the Martinez. Among cocktail historians, this is also not where the contentious origins of this cocktail stop. Some say that the birth of the cocktail was by well-renowned bartender Jerry Thomas who first created it for a patron that was traveling to a port city in California -- that is, Martinez, California. However, there is also a camp of cocktail historians who believe that the drink was first invented in the city of Martinez, California. As contentious as the origins of this cocktail might be, the mixology world is better for its existence. 

Let’s explore the nuances between a Martinez and the two cocktails it finds itself associated with -- the Dry Martini and the Manhattan. The main similarity between the Martinez and the Dry Martini is that both of their base spirits are Gin. They are also both served up (without ice). The last similarity when really considered comes out to be a difference is that they both call for vermouth. The reason this is more of a difference than a similarity is that the vermouth that a Dry Martini calls for is dry vermouth. On the other hand, the vermouth featured in a Martinez is sweet vermouth. 

The similarities between a Manhattan and a Martini are they both share the ingredient sweet vermouth. These two cocktails also share the same bittering agent -- Angostura bitters. The last similarity is that both cocktails are also served up without ice. Where they differ is their base liquor. A Manhattan calls for Rye Whiskey. Whereas, a Martinez calls for Gin. 

Although the Martinez has similar characteristics and components as the aforementioned cocktails, it does a perfect job of standing out on its own due to the last ingredient in the cocktail. This last ingredient a Martinez does not share with the other two. That is, a Martinez calls for Maraschino Liqueur (preferably Luxardo maraschino liqueur). 


1 ½  oz Gin

1 ½  oz Sweet Vermouth

¼ oz Maraschino Liqueur

2 Dashes Angostura Bitters



  • Place all ingredients into a mixing glass with ice and stir until amply chilled.
  • Next, strain into a chilled cocktail glass. We like the idea of serving it up and into one of our Honeycomb Nick & Nora Glasses. Photos, for example, are by Zach McCabe

Martinez cocktail Recipe, Amehla x All.Equal.Parts

Martinez Cocktail Recipe, Amehla x All.Equal.Parts

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  • Lastly, garnish with either an orange or lemon twist.